April, 2015.

A number of newly formed right wing movements, namely; Reclaim Australia, the United Patriots Front and additionally smaller supporting nationalist offshoots have began to  hold public Rally’s throughout major Australian cities voicing their concerns regarding issues associated with Islamic extremism and threats posed towards Australia.

Opposing Left wing, socialist factions and a newly formed Antifa movement have organised counter rallies along side the general public, aiming to suffocate the opinions of the right and to counter the spread of ‘fascism’ throughout Australia.

The following series of images represents an account of what I have witnessed whilst attending the public demonstrations. 

Personally, I would like this ongoing project to stimulate conversation amongst the general public and help address a problem that should be discussed openly and peacefully within our communities.

Whilst on location I've witnessed aggression in the form of verbal abuse and more worryingly intense physical violence between opposing parties but also I was able to talk coherently with people from both sides on their stances.

Both the left and the right possess their own flaws and weaknesses, ultimately being glorified or condemned within the mainstream media.

What we are currently witnessing in our cities is not unique to only Australia, one does not have to search deeply on the internet to find parallel movements overseas in places such as; France, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Uk, India and the US.

Despite Islam being an Ideology and not specific to a particular race, far right parties have previously opposed migration. During the 1920’s Greek and Italian migrants became victims of xenophobia and were considered a threat to ‘white’ Australia.

Again, in the 1990’s Pauline Hanson raised concern of an ‘Asian Invasion’.

2005 saw the Cronulla Riots take place in Sydney, due to a group of volunteer lifeguards being assaulted by young men of Arab appearance causing existing racial tensions to escalate.

We observed Tony Abbott follow on from Howard's 'Pacific Solution' and continue to enforce controversial no tolerance boarder protection policies in order to ‘stop the boats’ and illegal immigration 

So what exactly are both sides actually aiming to reclaim or protect?

Objectively, It is clear that either are simply worried about the state of the Country they call home and the values they would like future generations of Australian's to aspire to, whether they want to protect Australia from issues associated with Islamic extremism or the ideologies associated with the Far left and the right nationalists.

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